Club Cross Country Constitution


We, the members of The George Washington University (GW) Club Cross Country, exist to provide our members and community with regular opportunity for recreational and competitive running. Understanding the importance of running in physical fitness, self-improvement and community building, we establish ourselves to promote these ideals. With the above as guidelines, Club Cross Country hereby adapts the following constitution and bylaws.

Article I.  Title

The title of the association under this constitution shall be GW Club Cross Country.

Article II.  Purpose

Section I.  GW Club Cross Country serves to provide GW graduate and undergraduate students running opportunities, including but not limited to:

  1.  Regularly scheduled runs
  2.  Exploration of DC trails and running locations
  3.  Improvement of running abilities
  4.  Access to local and regional races
  5.  Inclusion and camaraderie of a recognized team

Section II.  As an officially recognized student organization of The George Washington University, GW Club Cross Country will abide by and support established University policies.

Article III.  Membership

Section I.   GW Club Cross Country membership shall be restricted to dues-paying graduate and undergraduate students of GW only.

Section II.   An active member shall be granted to full privileges of the Club. They must remain in good personal and financial standing with the Club.

Section III.   Non-members will be allowed to attend regularly scheduled runs on a trial basis based on the discretion of the E-Board.

Section IV.  Any activity considered unbecoming of a member shall be considered grounds for dismissal from the Club. The Executive Board, as outlined in the bylaws, will handle such decisions.

Section V.  GW Club Cross Country will not tolerate any sort of discrimination. Members will not offend, discriminate, or discourage fellow members based on ability, race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, or citizenship.

Article IV.  GW Club Cross Country Executive Board

Section I.  The purpose of the executive board is to enforce all rules and regulations of GW Club Cross Country.

Section II.   Each member of the executive board shall have one vote.

Section III. Each member has the option to abstain from a vote if that person feels they are incapable of making an unbiased decision, unwilling to make a decision, or unfit to vote on the matter being put to a vote.

Section IV.  The officers of the executive board shall consist of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Fundraising Director, Social Chair, Secretary, and Training Program Coordinator.

  1.  Officers are responsible for fulfilling their duties as outlined by the Bylaws.
  2.  Officers shall serve a term of one year.
  3.  Officers will be selected through the election process outlined by the Bylaws.
  4. The order of Executive Board positions listed above shall be considered the chain of command.

Section V.   Vacancies among the executive board shall be filled by special election, with newly elected officers to fill until the next annual election.

Section VI.  Any officer of the executive board failing to perform their duties as outlined in the Bylaws shall be impeached by a 4/5 vote of the remaining executive board.

Article V.  Appointed officers

Section I.  The purpose of appointed officers is to assist the executive board with carrying out operations of the club.

Section II.  The appointed officers will be chosen through an application process as outlined in the Bylaws.

  1.  Appointed officers are responsible for fulfilling their duties as outlined by the Bylaws.
  2.  Appointed officers shall serve a term of one year.

Section III.  Vacancies among non-elected positions shall be filled by appointment of the executive board.

Section IV.  Any appointed officer failing to perform his/her duties as outlined in the Bylaws shall be impeached by a majority vote of the executive board.

Article VI.  Amendments

Section I.  The Constitution may be amended with a majority vote of the executive board.

  1.  Votes for constitutional amendments must be tabled for one week.

Section II.  The Bylaws may be amended with a majority vote of the executive board.

Article VII. Concessions

By associating oneself with GW Club Cross Country, members recognize and abide by the policies outlined in this constitution and bylaws.

This document is effective upon submission to the Center for Student Engagement for registration for the 2019-2020 academic year. Contact: Ryan Dunn (


Club Cross Country Bylaws

Article I.  Finances

Section I.  Dues will be paid by members each semester. The Treasurer will determine the amount and deadline for dues.

Section II.  Dues will be used to fund and subsidize uniforms, race fees, transportation fees, NIRCA dues, and other financial needs of the Club, as determined by the Treasurer and Executive Board.

Section III.  A budget will be written and submitted each semester. It will be reviewed and approved by the Executive Board.

Article II.  Elections

Section I.  The officers of the Executive Board shall be elected by the dues-paying members of the Club.

Section II.  The current Executive Board shall determine the exact date of elections, which shall take place before winter break. Notice of elections must be sent out two weeks prior to elections, along with the proper format for applications.

Section III.  All interested and qualified candidates will submit an application to the current Executive Board no later than one week prior to elections.

  1.  The current President will determine the format of the application.
  2.  Nominations and “drop-downs” may occur during elections upon approval of the President.

Section IV.  Each candidate will have the chance to speak and address the general body members during elections. If the candidate cannot be present at the time of the election, the candidate may choose someone to speak in his/her place.

Section V.  Elections will occur in the following order: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Fundraising Director, Social Chair, Secretary, and Training Program Coordinator.

Section VI. In the event of a tie, the current E-Board will determine the result of the election by a majority vote. If a current E-Board member is involved in the tie for the new position, he/she cannot take place in the vote by the E-Board. If a tie results from the E-Board vote, follow the tiebreaker protocol laid out in…

Section VII. At the discretion of the president, absentee ballots will be accepted from dues-paying members if he/she cannot attend the election.

Article III.  Appointment of officers

Section I.  Appointed officers will be individually chosen by members of the Executive Board. They must submit an application, whose format will be determined by the President. Approval of the new officer requires a majority vote.

Article IV.  Executive Board Member Responsibilities

Section I.  President

  1.  Act as the official representative of GW Club Cross Country to the University and other outside entities.
  2.  Coordinate and reside over all meetings.
  3.  To be responsible for the formation of goals and direction of GW Club Cross Country.
  4.  Ensure internal affairs of the Club are operating correctly.

Section II.  Vice President

  1.  Fill the vacancy of the President and reside over meetings in the absence of the President.
  2.  Find and register the Club for local, regional, and NIRCA races.
  3.  Organize all logistical aspects of races, including but not limited to: completing Van Request Forms, booking hotel rooms, maintaining race rosters, and filling out travel waivers.
  4.  Order and design new uniforms and apparel when needed.

Section III.  Treasurer

  1.  Responsible for determining the price of dues.
  2.  Responsible for collecting all dues from members and settling financial obligations in a timely manner.
  3.  Keep accurate and complete records of all GW Club Cross Country

financial transactions.

  1.  Create a budget each semester according to projected revenue and needs of the Club.
  2.  Secure funds and co-sponsorships through the Student Association.
  3.  Complete Expenditure Approval Forms (EAFs) and trip budgets as needed.

Section IV.  Fundraising Director

  1.   Organize and advertise all fundraising events for the club, including but not limited to managing all correspondence with potential donating organizations.
  2.  Help the treasurer organize the budget and work with them to ensure GW Club Cross Country has the necessary funds to operate.
  3. Work with social chair  to actively promote and grow the club’s membership through other marketing campaigns

Section IV.  Social Chair

  1.  Maintain all GW Club Cross Country social media accounts by actively posting and updating them, including but not limited to posting about meet information.
  2. Manage GW Club Cross Country website; ensure all information displayed is up to date; regularly update the blog.
  3. Create and distribute the GW Club Cross Country newsletter.
  4. Work with fundraising director to actively promote and grow the club’s membership through other marketing campaigns.
  5. Act as main point of contact with other clubs and organizations.
  6. Organize and advertise all social events.

Section VI.  Secretary

  1.  Keep complete and accurate minutes and attendance at all meetings.
  2.  Reserve all meeting space and notify all members of time and location at least one day prior to the meeting.
  3.  Maintain all rosters and calendars of the Club.
  4.  Create weekly run schedule and ensure at least two officers are present at each run.
  5. Keep all team documents including but not limited to the Constitution and Bylaws.

Section VII. Training Program Coordinator

  1. Create, each semester and summer, a training program for the team.
  2. Properly distribute the training program to the team.
  3. Supervise the instruction and execution of workouts.
  4. Provide assistance and advice to any member looking to improve their performance.
  5. Keep a proper turnover file for use of future Training Program Coordinators.
  6. Track attendance at practices, general body meetings, and other events that warrant documentation of members’ participation.
  7. Determine prioritization method for who participates in certain events/races when necessary. Method must be approved by a majority vote of the remaining six E-Board members.

Article V.  Appointed Officer Positions

Section I. Run Captains

  1. Help lead weekly scheduled runs.
  2. Knowledgeable of the various run routes the club takes.
  3. Acts as a liaison between the members and the Executive Board. This includes, but is not limited to: communicating events to the club, getting feedback of Executive Board decisions, and advocating for the members in Executive Board meetings.
  4. Assist the secretary with run route selection.
  5. Take attendance at practices for the training program coordinator.

Article VI.  Eligibility of Officers

Section I.  All officers shall have been a member of the Club for at least one full semester.

Section II.  All officers shall been in good academic and disciplinary standing with the University, meaning the individual may not be on academic or disciplinary probation imposed by the University.

Section III.  A candidate may be nominated for more than one position, but may be elected to one position only.

Section IV. Members of the Executive Board may hold additional Appointed Officer positions if approved by the current E-Board.

Section V.  Officers of the Executive Board must be full-time undergraduate students at The George Washington University. Part-time and graduate students may serve as appointed officers.

Article VII.  Meetings

Section I.  The Executive Board shall meet at least once per week.

  1.  Executive Board officers shall miss no more than three meetings per semester without prior approval from the President.
  2.  Appointed officers shall attend Executive Board meetings at the discretion of the President.

Section II.  A minimum of three General Body Meetings will be held each semester.

Article VIII.  Executive Board Veto Powers

Section I.  Any decisions made by individual officers may be challenged by a member of the Executive Board. In such cases, the decision shall be taken to a vote of the Executive Board. A majority vote of the Executive Board shall determine the appropriate action.

Section II.  Any bylaws may be temporarily suspended by a majority vote of the Executive Board.

Article IX. Procedure for Breaking a Tie

Section I. In the event of a tie in a vote of the E-Board, the vote will be decided by a majority vote of the run captains.

Section II. In the event of a tie in a vote of the run captains, the President shall determine the outcome of the vote.

Section III. If the President is unwilling or unable to decide the outcome of the decision, the outcome of the decision will be decided by the next highest ranking officer.

  1. “Unwilling, unfit, or unable” may be decided based on a majority of the remaining E-Board members.